On the road

Upon request


In the new museum dedicated to the imaginary of the train, an engaging and multidisciplinary activity to exploit the enormous potential of suggestions that the exhibition offers in an educational key - combining the spectacularity of the experience with the acquisition of concepts and tools reworked in a unique way.

The main goal is to root the museum in the community, starting from those age groups – children and teenagers - to whom the contents of the museum speak with extreme naturalness and familiarity.

The activity, conducted by a museum educator, includes several stages of observation of the model railway and different ways of involvement, depending on the school; it always ends with a workshop proposal linked to the theme of travel, to put in place other expressive languages but also to explore oneself and one's own experience.


On the road is open to the classes of the


primary school

lower secondary school.


The route has the duration

of 1 hour and a half for kindergarten

of 2 hours for primary and secondary school



HZERO museum, Via degli Ottaviani 2r, Florence, Italy


Information and enrollment

055 2989830