Pietrarsa Museum: the partnership with HZERO

The Pietrarsa Museum is a mandatory stop for all fans of the world of trains. In addition to being the main railway museum in Europe, it represents a unique testimony of the great history and tradition of Italy's railways. With its unmissable exhibitions and events, the national railway museum of Pietrarsa treasures its collection and thanks to the management of the FS Italiane Foundation it has become the central pole of all the historical testimony linked to this fascinating world. But that's not all, because thanks to an exclusive partnership stipulated with HZERO, it is possible to take advantage of a precious offer. By showing the entrance ticket of either museum, it will be possible to access the spaces of the other at a reduced price. Among the partnerships of the museum, this is a possibility to enjoy two places rich in history and unmissable for all railway and modeling enthusiasts.


The railway museum of Pietrarsa: find out more about one of the most famous train museums in Italy

The Pietrarsa railway museum is located in the pavilions of the Reale Opificio Meccanico, a place that represents not only the beginning of the history of the Italian railways but also the first industrial nucleus of our country. Until the 1970s - when steam locomotives were replaced by the more recent electric and diesel locomotives - these spaces were a landmark for the entire railway world, to then be redeveloped as a museum until becoming, with the 2014 restoration, the interactive and fascinating exhibit that we know today. The museum is in fact equipped with all the most cutting-edge audiovisual technologies and, thanks to the organization and maintenance of the FS Italiane Foundation, preserves an innovative tradition that was the starting point of the revolution that swept through Italy. We are talking about a page of history full of technology and great passion. The headquarters - which has become the meeting place of all enthusiasts - stand on the first stretch of railway built in Italy. Furthermore, from the wonderful botanical garden that occupies a large part of the thirty thousand square meters of the museum, it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples.

The collection has more than fifty historic rolling stocks located in the Bourbon pavilions, but in addition to immersing yourself in the evocative spaces, it is possible to take a journey in augmented reality to witness the story of the birth of Bayard, one of the first Italian locomotives. In addition to these fascinating experiences, it is possible to take advantage of the immense congress center with a capacity of over 2500 seats among seven rooms and outdoor spaces: the largest congress center in the South of Italy. The heart of the Pietrarsa railway museum beats with tradition and innovation, among unmissable events and suggestive Neapolitan settings.


Museum of Pietrarsa in Naples: where it is and how to reach it

The Pietrarsa train museum is located on the historic first stretch of the Italian railway, in the same direction of the Naples-Salerno line. Being so close to the city center, there are numerous ways to reach it, but the best is undoubtedly… by train! In fact, to get to the museum it is possible not only to get on one of the many regional trains that travel the route, but you can also start the experience in an even more engaging way by boarding a real historic train. Just stop at the Pietrarsa-San Giorgio a Cremano stop on the Naples-Salerno section, reached by various metropolitan and regional trains, or take the route from the center of Naples on the Pietrarsa Express, the museum's historic train. Even getting there by car is very simple: you can park in the Pietrarsa Parking area, which is located just thirty meters from the entrance. In addition to the various travel options, the Pietrarsa museum is accessible to all, therefore entry is made possible for all those with reduced mobility or difficulty walking. An experience within everyone's reach thanks to the passion of all the professionals and enthusiasts who work in this central museum not only in Italy but in all Europe.


Tour of the railway museums: from Florence to Naples, an itinerary to discover the best train museums

In Italy there are numerous possibilities to discover the history of railways, a world of innovation that travels on rails throughout the country.

  • Let's start from the Pietrarsa Museum in Naples. It is the most important railway hub in Italy and one of the main ones in Europe. It also stands in the splendid setting of Naples, site of the first railway line in Italy. Inside it will be possible to navigate among more than fifty historic rolling stocks and various experiences.
  • Crossing the area of Rome, we could stop at the Colonna Station Museum, an exhibition center located on a stretch of the ancient Rome-Fiuggi-Frosinone line and which collects numerous rolling stocks and testimonies of the time.
  • Finally, we will arrive in Florence, at HZERO, where we move from the large rails to the small railway models. The venue is located a short distance from the Santa Maria Novella railway station, with an old cinema set up as a fascinating and evocative container for one of the largest train models in Europe. With its 280 square meters, in fact, the model is a unique architectural and playful work of its kind, where dozens of trains run simultaneously.

There are many possibilities in our country to relive the history and innovations of the railway world. All you have to do is get ready and put yourself on the right track.


Discover the partnership between HZERO and the Pietrarsa museum

There are about five hundred kilometers of road between Florence and Naples, but they are united by a special agreement between the Pietrarsa museum and HZERO. In fact, the two share the same vision of the railway world despite the difference in size. In the case of the Pietrarsa museum, the rolling stock is life-size, while at HZERO the trains are models – albeit perfectly realistic. It is an excellent opportunity to find out what these realities have in common, so close in purpose and so distant on the road. For this reason, the new exclusive agreement will allow you to save on the entrance ticket to a museum by presenting the ticket of the other. And if the distance seems excessive, there is no need to worry: in any case you could always catch a train! Book your ticket to HZERO now