Orient Express: Ready to Dream with the Model on Display at HZERO

The Orient Express is undoubtedly one of the most famous and fascinating trains in the history of the railway world. Since its inauguration in 1883, this elegant train has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world, becoming a symbol of adventure, romance and timeless elegance. For all model railway enthusiasts, the Orient Express is a source of inspiration. The magnificence and elegance of this legendary train envelop it with charm and magnetism. And since June of this year, in conjunction with the new exhibition path that has found its place on the first floor of the Hzero museum in Florence, it is possible to admire a precious reproduction, curated in the smallest details. The model represents a way to immerse yourself in the history and atmosphere of a bygone era. Museum visitors can imagine being passengers on board cabins cloaked in luxury, and crossing spectacular landscapes, experiencing the excitement of an unforgettable journey. This stimulating opportunity is thus given to live a real experience through fantasy, breathing the romantic and fascinating atmosphere of the Orient Express.


Some curiosities about the Orient Express

With its original route linking Paris to Istanbul, crossing emblematic cities such as Vienna and Budapest, the Orient Express has taken generations of travelers through exotic landscapes and fascinating cultures. The idea of creating a luxury train that would connect Western Europe with the Orient was conceived by the visionary Georges Nagelmackers. Inspired by American Pullman trains, Nagelmackers founded the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) in 1872, with the aim of offering an unprecedented travel experience. Passengers could relax in elegant lounges, enjoy culinary delights in the on-board restaurants and rest in luxuriously appointed cabins. The Orient Express route offered a unique travel experience: crossing the Alps and the Balkans, the train took passengers on a journey through mountain landscapes and charming European cities. The Orient Express soon became synonymous with elegance and prestige. Celebrities, aristocrats and intellectuals from all over the world chose this train as a means of transportation to reach exotic destinations and embark on unparalleled adventures. The aura of mystery that surrounded the Orient Express even inspired Agatha Christie to write her famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express", which further fueled the legend of the train.

However, over the years, the Orient Express faced challenges and changes. During the First World War, the service was suspended and the train was used for military purposes. Later, with the advent of aviation and the evolution of railway infrastructure, the prestige of the Orient Express also declined. The original routes were modified and reduced in the 1970s, until the failure of the CIWL company. Since then, what has become of the Orient Express? In 1977, James Sherwood, an entrepreneur and great enthusiast of the world of railways, acquired and started the restoration work on the Orient Express carriages and locomotives abandoned in various depots scattered throughout Europe. Today, the most evocative train in the world is known as Venice Simplon-Orient Express, it belongs to the Belmond hotel group and travels through suggestive routes, from dreamy places, which open up from the windows of the running train, in countries such as France, Italy, Scotland to Singapore.


Where to see the Orient Express model train

Hzero continues its investigation into the universe of trains and travel with a new exhibition focus, which has come to life in the spaces on the first floor of the museum since June of this year. A miniature journey that explores the history of the train and model railway with a selection of precious models from private collections, which return a true story of travel that lasted for centuries. Among these, at Hzero it is possible to admire the model of the Orient Express train, the reproduction of the famous train that accompanied tourists and businessmen from Paris to Istanbul from 1883 to the 1970s. A real gem that captures the curiosity of all enthusiasts and projects into its history thanks to the refinement and authenticity of the details. A story, that of the Orient Express, rich in suggestions, secrets, people, lives that intersected on the carriages dedicated to luxury and elegance to offer an experience of absolute comfort and well-being to travelers. For the curious and fans of the Orient Express, the miniature model on display at Hzero is appreciated not only for the accuracy with which it is reproduced, but also for the fascinating imaginary that it evokes: it will be like being on a journey with nobles, bankers, politicians, mysterious spies, famous artists, writers and renowned scientists who boarded the Orient Express not only for tourism or business trips, but also as a favorite place for itinerant congresses. For all those who love model railway, the Orient Express model on display at the Hzero museum, therefore, represents a must-see stop as well as an opportunity for connection with other enthusiasts to immerse themselves in an era of timeless charm.