Where can you find one of the largest model railroads in Europe?

Italy boasts one of the largest model railroads in Europe, located at the HZERO Museum in Florence. It is an unmissable attraction in the city's cultural panorama. The miniature railway project of the new HZERO museum is housed inside the historic building of the former Ariston cinema (now restored and modernized), near the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence. With its impressive size of 280 square meters and numerous details, it is considered one of the largest model railroads in Europe.

Discover one of the largest model railroads in Europe

The massive and intricately detailed model railroad has become a must-see attraction for enthusiasts and beyond. What makes it unique is not just its surface area but also the nearly one-kilometer-long tracks with 359 possible routes, the miniature landscapes traversed by around seventy trains, and the presence of a thousand traffic lights, along with around a hundred street lamps, fifty speakers, and numerous pedestrians. The museum's name itself, HZERO, dedicated to the railway world, evokes the abundance of details. Hzero is the Italian term used in modeling to indicate the best scale for model railways. H0 model railroads, in fact, are built with a scale of 1:87.

The largest model railroad in Italy is located in Tuscany

The majestic model railroad is the result of Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano's passion and dedication, which began with the purchase of a Märklin train and lasted over 40 years. It started as a simple idea, from buying a model to constructing a layout in his son's room, and transformed into an ambitious work characterized by exceptional realism. The former Ariston cinema in Florence, just a few steps from the train station, with its new museum dedicated to the railway world, is the ideal place to host the largest model railroad in Italy and one of the first in Europe. It has become an attraction for enthusiasts, the curious, and children of all ages. HZERO welcomes visitors interested in the world of model railroading, offering a scenic experience enhanced by specially designed lighting, sounds, and projections to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere. The building spaces have been renovated and converted for this purpose, providing an interesting and engaging experience with miniature train stations, tunnels, locomotives, and landscapes reminiscent of the Dolomites. The HZERO museum has become the permanent home for the model railroad after various relocations over the years due to its "work in progress" nature. To have an immersive experience in the fascinating world of railways and modeling, visitors can book a visit directly from the website.

Moving Model Railroads: The Secrets of a Timeless Passion

The model railroad hosted by the HZERO museum takes visitors on a panoramic journey through Germany, Austria, and Italy, embodying the secrets of a timeless passion. Moving model railroads combine creativity, technology, and a love for trains. With attention to detail, precision, and patience, it is possible to create a miniature world that encompasses an entire story, an entire city, and an entire passion. In fact, it would be limiting to consider model railroading just a children's game, especially after seeing the majestic model railroad hosted by the HZERO museum. It is a hobby that engages both young and old, requiring precision, patience, and creativity. Building a model railroad is not easy and requires various technical skills, such as the ability to design a layout, create realistic scenery, and connect electrical wires. Building tracks, constructing bridges and tunnels, and creating scenery elements like houses, trees, and other decorations make everything more lifelike. However, the real secret is the ability to make the locomotives move realistically and synchronized with the layout. By properly connecting the tracks and locomotives, it is possible to create an electric model railroad with controls to adjust the speed and direction of the moving trains. Furthermore, some models are equipped with advanced technology, such as the Digital Command Control (DCC) system, which allows for more precise and customized movements. HZERO is the perfect place to be fascinated by the vivid details of one of the largest model railroads in Europe.