HZERO presents the railway modeling school for kids

HZERO, the museum in Florence that hosts Italy's largest model railway, has decided to launch a new initiative to introduce young people to the world of model railways. It is a modeling school that will allow girls and boys to learn how to build their own model and have fun with other enthusiasts, sharing a formative experience guided by industry experts.


Model railway courses in Florence

The model railway course will be held at the HZERO museum in Florence and will be divided into three sessions during which the boys will have the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of model railroading and put them into practice by building their own train model. The course is aimed at boys aged between 11 and 14 and no particular skills or previous knowledge are required, but it is important that each young participant is accompanied by an adult, as often very delicate tools will need to be handled.


3 sessions to introduce young people to model railways

If you are looking for a railway modeling course for kids, the three HZERO sessions scheduled are an excellent starting point: three moments dedicated to theory, practice and presentation of the work done. At the beginning, the participants will learn the basics of model railroading, the different scales and the construction techniques of the models. Then there will be an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice, and it is here that they will experience the fascination of model railroading, always under the guidance of experts. Finally, the young students will present their work to the other participants and families, showing the progress made during the course. Everything produced by the participants will be considered their property.


HZERO railway modeling school: build your own model railway layout.

The HZERO railway modeling school is a unique opportunity for young people in Florence and its surroundings to approach the world of model railways in a creative way. In addition to knowledge, the museum will also provide high-quality materials. The goal will be to build a model railway layout together, learning techniques and training manual skills, in order to have all the necessary tools to continue on their own.

If we talk about railway modeling for kids, we cannot fail to mention HZEROlab: the perfect path for young people who want to learn how to build model railways and who are ready to experience this fascinating hobby first-hand. There is also a perfect solution for younger children, to safely spark their interest: it's called HZEROfamily. This section of the museum is dedicated to families with children between the ages of 3 and 10 and offers the whole family experiences that involve games and education related to the world of modeling. The course is led by a museum educator and focuses on two paths: 

  • for families with children between the ages of 3-6, game and activities that involve storytelling are privileged;
  • with older children, more space is given to moments of observation and debate, to understand the theoretical basis of railway modeling in a context of constant discovery. 

This way, the whole family can enjoy the experience of HZERO and discover the world of miniature trains together. The central theme of the course is that of travel, so the invitation is aimed at the most curious and willing to be surprised. In Italy, it is said that “certain trains only pass once”, but it is equally true that those of HZERO remain there to travel their tracks, waiting for you to get on board and discover the world of railway modeling.