Discounts for Families at HZERO Museum: A Guide to Reduced Rates

Visiting museums is an opportunity for enrichment for the whole family. The great value of culture lies in its ability to inspire, educate, and broaden our view of the world. That's why culture should be accessible to everyone. In this article, we delve into the different solutions that allow you to save on museum tickets, enabling you to spend a day of discovery together.


Reduced rates for families: Here's how to save at museums

Families wishing to visit a museum can enjoy various benefits at many cultural institutions. But who can enter Italian state museums for free, for example? Firstly, children under 6 years old generally have free access, while those between the ages of 6 and 18 can take advantage of discounted rates. Free access is also reserved for seniors and disabled individuals. Additionally, several museums, including HZERO, offer family packages or combined tickets that allow you to save on entrance fees by combining the rates into a convenient single solution.


Who can enter Italian museums for free?

In Italy, there are several categories of people who can benefit from free entry to museums. This facilitation was introduced to promote cultural accessibility and allow an increasingly broad audience to enjoy the country's precious historical, artistic, and cultural heritage. But who doesn't have to pay in Italian museums? Often, both young people and those over 65 are entitled to free entry or reduced rates: you simply need to present an ID document or a card certifying student status. People with disabilities and their companions also have the right to free access to museums. To learn about HZERO's initiatives, we recommend regularly consulting the website and ticket office and referring to the guide below:


A guide to HZERO museum rates*: how to conveniently purchase discounted tickets online

Now that we have seen in broad terms what benefits and cases allow free access to museums, let's take an overview of the reductions offered by HZERO. Tickets for the museum with one of the largest model train layouts in Europe can be purchased online and are divided into five main categories: full price, reduced price, child, complimentary, and family.


  • Full-price ticket: This ticket does not include any discounts and costs 12 euros.
  • Reduced-price ticket: Discounts are available for boys and girls between 14 and 18 years old, seniors over 65, FAI members, Touring Club Italiano members, Rinascente Card holders, International Visitors, employees, and Museo Ferragamo ticket holders who must present their cards at the ticket office before entry. The cost is 8 euros.
  • Child ticket: Children between 4 and 13 years old are eligible for a reduction, totaling 6 euros.
  • Admission to HZERO is free for children up to 4 years old (but a 1 euro fee is required if purchased on Vivaticket).
  • Family packages: HZERO also offers discounts for families, with packages based on the number of family members. Note that this type of solution is accessible if the boys and girls in the family are not yet of legal age:
  1. Package 1 adult + 2 under 18: cost 22 euros;
  2. Package 1 adult + 3 under 18: cost 28 euros;
  3. Package 1 adult + 4 under 18: cost 34 euros;
  4. Package 2 adults + 1 under 18: 26 euros;
  5. Package 2 adults + 2 under 18: 31 euros;
  6. Package 2 adults + 3 under 18: 38 euros;
  7. Package 2 adults + 4 under 18: 45 euros.

*For online purchases on Vivaticket, the price will be increased by 1 euro for service fees.

In conclusion, there are many solutions for saving, available to all, with a special focus on large families, aiming to allow people of all ages to experience educational, interactive, and stimulating experiences. Visit the HZERO ticket office to book your visit and secure your tickets!