At HZERO, a circuit for electric trains to try out

Whether you are new to the world of model railways or a long-time enthusiast, model railroading represents a creative and liberating expression through which one can design and create microworlds, landscapes rich in facets to host and stage the real protagonists: train models. Behind these miniature trains lie epochs, stories, aesthetics, and peculiar technologies, each deserving to be explored and possibly reproduced with the attention to detail and meticulous research of those who love this small, great universe. And precisely, when we talk about modeling, we talk about skill and dexterity: building the tracks is a gratifying activity that allows reproducing the real world on a reduced scale and capturing, crystallizing, the atmosphere of a real railway. One immerses oneself in the scenarios, flies with imagination, and experiences a real adventure. Speaking of experiences, for the curious and passionate, museums dedicated to miniature railways like HZERO represent vibrant spaces full of stimuli, immersive places conceived not only to admire the layouts, exhibitions, and have fun interacting with electric train circuits but also to participate in activities and workshops, share one's interests with others, and engage with environments where different creative languages coexist.


Electric train circuits: where to find one in Florence

In general, electric train circuits simulate the appearance and operation of real railways but on a smaller scale. You can organize the tracks, create custom layouts, and, of course, place and contextualize the circuits within an actual model, enriching the scene with accessories and landscape elements. In this sense, model railways create miniature worlds, telling the railway history of a specific era, with all the corollary of suggestions and imaginations it evokes. If you are curious to see and experience an electric circuit live, at HZERO, the Florentine museum dedicated to model railroading, it is possible to have fun and live an additional experience thanks to the presence of some circuits available to all visitors. We will tell you more about this in the next paragraph!


HZERO, from an exhibition of a model railway to an interactive experience

HZERO was born as an evolving project, constantly developing, based on the presence of high-quality craftsmanship work: the model railway created during over forty years of passionate work. It is a playful and architectural masterpiece, one of the largest in Europe, the protagonist of a poetic choreography of lights, sounds, and projections to give life to an immersive and captivating experience. The journey inside the museum unfolds through constantly updated exhibitions and displays, always stimulating and full of ideas: HZERO carries out an in-depth and broad-spectrum investigation of the world of miniature railways. The richness of suggestions within the museum space is also fueled by the presence of electric train circuits. In particular, on the first floor, three circuits can be found. Among these, one is a test circuit for staff use, but there are two others available to visitors. The first one, a Trix direct current circuit, allows testing the trains purchased at the bookshop; in the second one, in alternating current, the trains move by turning the transformer's knob. Whether you are an experienced modeler or just curious, electric train circuits are fun and entertaining and contribute to making the experience within the museum even more immersive. From the poetry of the large model to dynamic elements like active and moving marmots, or the opportunity to observe the maintenance workers inside the workshop or about to enter the access hatches for an intervention on the model trains, the atmosphere at HZERO is reminiscent of that of an interactive museum. Book your entry now!